Leather Weights



Leather is gauged for thickness, which is expressed in millimetres.  Because hides are not the same thickness throughout, thickness is expressed using 2 numbers; Example: 2.0-2.4mm or 4.8-5.2mm.

Recommended Uses for Leather Weights:

0.6-0.8 mm:   Generally used for linings and small personal leather goods.

0.8-1.2 mm:   Used for wallets and lining belts, as well as women's shoes and garments.

1.2-1.6 mm:   Craft weight leather, good for men's shoes and lightweight chaps.

1.6-2.0 mm:   Intermediate weight, used for handbags, belts, and ideal for chaps.

2.0-2.4 mm:   Ideal for work boots, handbags, and handbag straps.

2.4-2.8 mm:   Popular weight for hand tooled handbags, contour belts, shoulder straps, knife sheaths, and small tool pouches.

2.8-3.2mm:    Good weight for narrow belts, handbags, saddlebags, pistol holsters, knife sheathes and collars.

3.2-3.6 mm:   Good for medium width belts, rifle scabbards, holsters, and motorcycle bags.

3.6-4.0 mm:   For wide belts, halters, head stalls, bridles, breast collars and reins, tie straps and show harnesses.

4.0-4.4 mm:   Used for saddles, halters, bridles, breast collars, reins, linesmen's belts, tie straps, dog collars and carriage harnesses.

4.4-5.2 mm:   Perfect for saddles, stirrup leathers, driving and draft harnesses and cutting reins.

5.2-6.0 mm:   Heavyweight leather used for custom saddles, stirrup leathers, work saddles, and work harnesses.

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